Instructions for sellers


    Vekarakirppis is a flea market specialized in children’s clothes and other items like toys, books, strollers and everything in-between. Also maternity clothes are welcome.

    Please bring only goods that are clean, working properly and in good condition. If the item has any flaws, please mention about it in the price tag or in a separate note which is attached on the item.



    – You can book a table by visiting us, calling us (0400-575474) or via our online-booking.
    – When you have received the number of your selling table, you can start filling the price tags. Price tag has to include the table number, description of the product and price. You can print the price tags from our website (Click to print) or buy price tag stickers from our shop. If you don’t have the option of printing or buying the price tags, you can make them yourself.
    – Pay attention to clear hand writing.

    – You can attach the price tags by using safety pins, tape or sew it with a few stitches.
     We also rent a tagging gun for easy way to attach the price tags. The tagging gun renting cost is 2€/day.
    – If you change the pricing of the item, please change the entire price tag or use the discount stickers which you will receive from the cashier.
    – Don’t sell anything that’s broken, dirty or in bad shape. Always mention the possible flaw on the price tag.
    – The cash register prints a report from which you can see the quantity of sold items and the sum of money. You can ask the report any time you want to.

    – The price tag remains on the product when it’s sold, so you won’t get it them back when the selling time ends. If you want to know exactly what is sold from your table, we recommend an independent bookkeeping.

    If you want to cancel your table, it must be done at least 48 hours before the beginning of your table-rent!



    -The selling time is minimum of one week, which is 6 selling days (Mondays are closed).
    -The selling time begins from the selected day (any day, excluding Monday); we don’t have a specific day to start the selling.
    -You can bring your goods as soon as we open, which is 10:00 in the morning.
    -You achieve the best results when the table is neat and well organized. We also have a little board on a top of the table, where you can write some information about what you’re selling.
    (For example, are you selling boys’ or girls’ items, the size of the clothes etc.)
    -For better sales, we recommend you to organize the table every once in a while. You can also buy from us a service for organizing of your table (7 €/week).


    WITH THE 38 € YOU GET…

    – Table with 4 shelves and a clothing rack.
    – 10 alarm tags
    – Coat hangers, provided by us
    – Space to sell bigger items, like strollers and seats (only one at a time)
    – A one week guarantee! Meaning, if you sell for less than 38 € (one weeks rent) you pay rent as much as you sell. If your sales is e.g. 20 €, you pay the rent only 20 €. The guarantee valid for one week.



    – Empty the table at least an hour before the shop closes.
    – If you don’t empty the table in a same day when your selling should end, we have the right to empty your table and charge 10 € for keeping the items in a stock.
    – If any of your items are left to the shop, we keep them in our stock for one week. After a week the items belong to Vekarakirppis and they are delivered to charity.
    – The items often wander around to other tables, so please check the other tables for your own items before you leave. We also have an “items without the price tags” basket on the front of the cash register, please check this place too.
    -We pay your sales either by cash right away or by money transfer to your bank account within 5 weekdays.

    Please note us if you want the money specifically by cash or on your bank account.



    -Unfortunately we can’t replace missing or damaged items, everyone is responsible for their own items.
    -Remember, piracy is a crime!
    -It’s not possible to change or return purchased products.

    All thefts are reported to police.

    We wish you a good sales!